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>> good morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". it is time for the top 5@5:00. >> we could learn more on what
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on earth took so long for help to arrive on the day of the deadly terror attack that killed four people including ambassador stevens. last week pin ned taw said the u.s. didn't have enough time to respond. the northeast getting ready for a winter wallop. one of the worst snowstorms in years is pektsed to hit tomorrow dumping 2 feet of home in places like hartford, connecticut and boston. these people in providence rhode island are already packing the supermark supermarket. >> lance armstrong may now testify in front of the u.s. anti doping agency that's according to a statement from the agency that was recently released. the deadline for him to testify
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was last night but the anti doping agency is giving armstrong a two-week extension so he can meet with them. no word from armstrong on whether or not he will testify under oath. the florida senator has been elect to do give the republican response to president obama's state of the union on tuesday. house speaker john boehner and mitch mcconnell made the decision yesterday. rubio's experience from an immigrant's family is perfect to battle the president's vision of bigger government and higher taxes. 3 hours from now president obama will speak about his faith in washington. 3,000 religious and community leaders from 140 countries are expected to attend as well as joe biden and first lady michelle obama. every president since identifies enhour has attended that event. that is your 5@5:00. just hours before the face
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of the drone program john brennan faces tough questions during a senate confirmation hearing. president obama backtracks agreeing to show congress justifying the use of drones to kill americans. good morning peter. >> good morning, heather. basically what happened here is the president has come out and he has said all of the information about drones -- excuse me. he made a last minute decision to show congress the secret documents that gives him the authority to target and kill americans. all right starting from scratch here. all of the new information we got this week about the criteria required for the u.s. government to decide if one of its citizens abroad should be the target of a drone attack came from a justice department now president obama is telling the justice department to give congressional
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intelligence committees access to the office of legal council advice relate to do the paper back on october 18th on the daily show president obama said congressional over site was a ghouled thing to make sure he was reigned in. the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee said basically the same thing he talked on msnbc about the run up to the first ever targeting of american citizen abroad and anwaral can i. even leading up to allal can i one of them was the christmas day bomber. the chair of the senate select committee on intelligence diane fine stein says she is pleased that the president has agreed to provide the intelligence committee with the access to the olc opinion regarding the use of lethal force in counter terrorist operation. it is critical for the over site function to fully understand the
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legal basis for all intelligence and counter-terrorism operation. administration official at the white house says since the drone program is so unique they are bringing classified documents is extraordinary. >> bottom line is we will see the documents. they previously said we would not. >> take a look at wasnho is talg this morning. there has been a lot of backlash to the administration's drone program especially democrats. >> we are hearing more and more democrats coming out against that. last night bob beckel raised his concerns about it calling the drone program constitutionally corrupt. >> i wouldn't vote for him unless that policy changed. they are talking about going after american citizens yes associated with terrorist groups. they have no evidence they are doing anything about an eminent threat to the united states. what is that all about? >> the president says he has evidence and doesn't order it unless he is convinced by
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brennan and others that it is bad. >> this policy said the united states government does not have to have operational intelligence that guy is involved in -- >> that's not what carney said. >> carney is speaking for the president. >> rid the memo. the memo reads exactly differently. they want to say the memo is wrong, fine. >> tell us your interpretation of the memo. >> it vaz the federal government can use drones to attack people in terrorist organizations including american citizens involved in the terrorist organization. however, you do not have to have operational intelligence that this person is involved in or planning an attack on the united states. >> or any u.s. problem. >> could be helping or something like that. >> maybe he is helping, maybe he is not. >> you don't like this program. >> it is corrupt.
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>> krir sten powers is up in arms about the drone practices not minuting any words. she has this to say about the situation. >> they are clearly hypocrites they don't care about human rights they only care if it helps them politically. there is no way you can argue that you can kill an american without due process. he is not being held accountable by the media. he has not even addressed this memo. can you image if this was bush? can you image if robert gibbs said if anwaral can i said he should have had a better father? can you image if he said something like that. they have to get to the bottom of this and not let the administration get away with this. >> fox an friends will have reaction to the administration's program this morning with michelle malkin and that will be at 8:00 a.m. >> oo meantime it is time for your first degree weather update with janice dean in the extreme
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weather center. >> we are keeping an eye on what we call a nor' easter around here otherwise known as a blizzard and it is threatening to hit. is this thing going to be bad? >> it could be ep bick. it could be historic for boston. taking a look at the top 5 snowstorms for boston it could actually get up there. the last time we saw a foot or more was 10 years ago. we could get easily a foot or more adds we head into the next 24-48-hours for boston. new york all of the folks in new york were kind of on that line where we could see a mixture of rain, freezing rain, sleet. so we could get anywhere from 2 inches to a foot. that's the harder forecast. north and west of the city and new england that's where we are going to get a snow event. what are we talking? two storm system as system to the north and a big system across the gulf they are going to come together and merge and bring us that nor' easter.
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friday overnight into saturday is where we will see the worst conditions. see the snow line the pink tlooins why we are not really entirely sure of the snow totals in new york. for boston and portland interior sections easily 6 to 12 in some cases 2 feet of snow. it could be a blockbuster. here's the breakdown. mid atlantic rain and wind is deepening coastal low as we head into friday and saturday. blizzard conditions for eastern new england. we have blizzard watches in effect where we could see winds 60 miles an hour. there are your winter watches and storm advisories for much of new york up towards maine. this is a big event. we will bring you the latest. if you are traveling tomorrow you need to pay close attention. a lot of folks could stay home. >> i heard epic and blockbuster. >> epic and blockbuster not afraid to use those terms with
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this one. >> you are going to have a big day ahead. thank you so much, heather. >> airlines already waving fees which means waivers for travelers as the northeast area braces for that blizzard. plus a major airline merger in the works. joining us with more is fox business network's lauren simonetti. >> airlines planning ahead for the epic storm janice was talking about. >> you could be getting money back if you are flying tomorrow especially. but there's also a deal to create the world's biggest airline. bankrupt american airlines and u.s. airways are hashing out the final details of a merger that would value a combined carrier around $150 million of recently merged united continental. it is bondholders and flight attendant's iunions if they are ironed out. the deal with bankruptcy court
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approval has antitrust regular tlierts. if all of this happens we could have four major carriers remaining american, united continental, delta and southwest. it raises pricing concerns but it could be a good thing for small airlines with less competition from the major carriers. >> it could save 1.2 billion in revenue and cost savings. >> yeah, all of this could be wrapped up by february 15th. >> speaking of cost cutting measures a 10,000 dollar bachelor degree? >> yeah. it sounds amazing. more governors are pushing the idea of making college affordable. it is popular among students and families who are frustrated with the ever rising tuition costs that aren't guaranteeing jobs upon graduation. college tuition has increased 40 percent while student loan debt tops a trillion dollars.
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students have the criteria to earn the degrees. they have novrn gores in florida, texas, wisconsin certain lawmakers embracing the challenge of the 4 year state university education honestly for the bargain price of 10,000 dollars. >> average cost for a four-year degree is 30,000 dollars. >> you would be hard pressed to find schools that low. so many are more than that. >> thank you so much. appreciate it, lauren. lauren simonetti as always. >> coming up, despite warnings of defense cuts congress is doing little to stop them in our nation's military already feeling the fallout. more on that up next. plus scanning e-mails answering calls after work, why some chicago cops say they deserve over time and guess what? they are taking it to court. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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>> good morning to you. it is quarter past of hour. here's a look at what you are sleeping. it is expected to plead guilty to terror charges today. officials say he tried to blow up a van with 1,000 pounds of explosives outside of that building in october. it turns out the explosives were fake and part of an fbi sting operation. cops in chicago think they should be paid for scanning e-mails after work hours. they are suing. lawsuits claim officers were pressured to answer their work issued phone without filing for over time. the city has fired back saying
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officers are specifically told to ask for over time. we would be getting paid a lot if we got compensated for that. >> absolutely. now we have more on extreme weather alert. the huge winter storm that could bring dangerous mix of snow, rain and wind some of the biggest cities on the east coast. robert moses is live for us at a home depot in brooklyn, new york where people are already stocking up on essential supplies. good morning bobby. >> the snow is beautiful but it is the next day to start stocking up. they have been buying shovels and food heyed of this storm. we don't know exactly how much snow we are going to get here in the northeast. there's a lot of uncertainty. so the best bet is to just prepare be ready for it make sure you have an emergency kit
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both at work and at home. they have change fees basically that means you move your flight if you are scheduled to fly this weekend you can move your flight without any sort of penalty. that would be a good bet. because after today conditions go downhill in the northeast. that is the latest live from brooklyn heather, back to you. >> bobby moses braving the conditions this morning. thank you, bobby. >> i hope you have a snow shovel. >> it's an air mattress. >> good idea. >> he is 101, 101 and she is 97. if that isn't mazing enough john and ann are the longest married couple in the u.s. they are from connecticut and they tied the knot more than 80 years ago. 80 years. it was back in 1932.
2:20 am
he used to drive her to school in his ford roadster. ann was supposed to marry another guy in a prearranged marriage. he decided to eye loep with john and the rest is history. what is their secret to marital bliss? >> be content with what you have. >> devote your understanding one another. really that's the whole thing. >> by the way, they have 5 children, 14 grandchildren and 16 grandchildren. >> it it leads to the brew on this question of the day. what do you think is the key to a successful marriage? send us your comments to us. you can tweet them to us@fox friends first or shoot us an emai i am looking forward to that. >> coming up out of work and
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looking for a job? we have three companies hiring right now. cheryl casone is on deck for that one. >> the verdict is in. ♪ >> the judges take on this rapping suspect coming up.
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s>> while the government may be firing one major defense contractor is hiring. in fact fox business network cheryl casone has a list of three companies right now. a major defense contractor. >> the defense contracts some of the ceo's are at the white house
2:25 am
this week on this very issue. yes there will be most likely a lot of layoffs. raytheon is a company that will be hiring. they are a technology company but more on the technology side for engineers, people with computer science experience people working in supply chain. what's great about raytheon they do a lot of security but it's web security internet security and those threats are real to this country right now. maryland. massachusetts, virginia, 450 positions they need 350 fresh college grads if you will but you have to have the technological experience. >> it is getting the car title done and this is a growing business people need money. 360 jobs nationwide.
2:26 am
you can be a customer service rep and make up to 25,000 a year you can be a store manager make 45,000 and gm's up to 150,000. >> northwestern mutual. a lot of people like working for mutual companies they tend to be more safe and stable. >> what's nice about northwestern mutual they are helping people work on their finances with 401 k. they need financial advisors. we are in this period where americans are afraid of the stock market and 401 k investments they want to make sure they have the right plan in place they have financial positions open right now. they also need interns. why is this important? half of the managers end up being -- if you were a manager you were an intern in the company. the internship program is
2:27 am
building itself up. they are the most admired life insurance company. 156-year-old company and they are going towards financial services. >> where are most of these jobs based? >> this is going to be in -- this is across the country for northwestern mutual. all of the web sites you can go and apply for these jobs are at casone knee i have one i need to fix i will do that right after the show. you can get more information. we will be talking about the employment data we will be talking that at noon eastern time if you want to e-mail us fs job hunt at if you want to look for a job. >> it's so much information. >> thank you so much. >> heather let's head over to you now. what's going on? >> still more to come after all of that. 26 after the top of the hour. coming up he plays a gun wielding action hero on the big
2:28 am
screen. had thhollywood hot shot is weighing in on gun control. why actor bruce willis is fired up. >> stars stripes and bell gem. could a flalg used during the president's inauguration actually be mad overseas? [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online.
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>> welcome back. thanks for joining fox and friends first. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the hour. the top five stories making news for you at this hour. if the white house and congress can't reach a deal by march 1st it is looking at big exchanges and the effects already being felt. yesterday plans to send the u. ss harry crewman aircraft carrier to the persian gulf come were scrapped. lower pay raises and delays in new equipment total. they face 46 billion in cuts this year. >> it's the best symbol of our country but the flags behind the president weren't made in the united states they were made in belgium. the wall kins flag company provide 2,000 flags to the united states each year.
2:33 am
clients include the penalty gone as well as the united nations. >> two democratic law americas are looking into legislation to tax pot the same way the federal government taxes booze and cigarettes. congressman polis and blooming hour of oregon produce two separate bills they claim it would help police fight the war on drugs. 15 states around the country have de krielized pot possession. >> bruce willis has a new hero rule defending the second amendment. >> it's going to be a while. >> how did you know i was a cop? >> you don't look like a lawyer. >> we all know bruce willis. he's against the new gun control laws proposed by the government saying quote i think you can't start to pick apart anything out of the bill of rights without anying it's all going to become undone. if you take one out or change
2:34 am
one law why wouldn't they take all of your rights away from you? he added he doesn't see how additional legislation could prevent future mass shootings. >> i like bruce willis. a detroit man turned his arraignment into a concert when he decided to wrap his side of the story. ♪ >> not bad at all, sir. that was very good. very impressive. you could hear the judge of this courtroom jokingly compliment the rapping skills of moon. he faces 90-days in jail. this was not funny for threatening to kill his girlfriend resisting arrest and damaging property. moon's parents say he is mentally ill and raps when he is not on his medication. >> talking about a serious story before facing the drone program we are talking about john brennan. he faces tough questions during
2:35 am
senate confirmation hearing later today. president obama backtracks on this issue because he's agreed to hanover to congress classified documents that justify the use of drones to kill americans. doug lieu zahered has details he is live from washington. >> the president made a last minute decision to share with congress the secret legal memos that the white house says give him the authority to target and kill americans overseas and in fart defuse the growing conflict of congress that would come to a head today. what caused the white house to give in on this is today's confirmation hearing for white house chief counter-terrorism advisor john brennan to become the next director of the cia. he is seen as the lead component of drone strikes overseas that have in more than one instance killed americans. there was a growing bipartisan call that gives the white house the authority to carry out those strikes. the president just decided to
2:36 am
comply. even so the republican veteran of the battles between congress and the white house says the drone policy goes too far. the president is taking all of this authority to himself. he is the judge, the jury and the executioner that is absolutely 100 percent wrong. >> brennan today will still no doubt face a barrage of questions over those strikes including whether it is better to simply kill terrorists remotely rather than capture and interrogate them. the white house stand by what that is become a far more aggressive program to remotely conduct the war on terror. >> i think it's fair to say that far fewer civilians lose their lives in an effort to go after senior leadership in al qaeda along the lines we are discussing as opposed to an effort to invade a country with hundreds of thousands of troops and take cities and towns. >> beyond the drone strike
2:37 am
brennan will also no doubt have to defend what many see as conflicting staples both for and against the use of enhanced interrogation techniques during the bush administration. >> doug luzader in washington thank you so much. >> the big story this morning before you leave the house let's get the first degree weather update from janice dean in the extreme weather center. >> how are things going to look this weekend? >> the wos of the storm will be overnight friday and saturday from the northeast. we are already seeing the storm bringing 3 to 12 inches of snow across the upper midwest. this is past of the system that will combine with this system across the south that has already brought tornado warnings to parts of luis ya'll. these two systems are going to combine together to bring our nor' easter. that is going to mean big travel delays not only for the i 95 corridor but it will cause a ripple effect across the country. people are urged to call ahead
2:38 am
and we might be dealing with hundreds and hundreds of cancellations tomorrow. want to look at our european model. this is the model that forecasts hurricane sandy back in october. a very reliable forecast model. this is what we are dealing with in timing. 9:00 a.m. friday the storm comes offshore. we start to see the snow and rain and mix across the mid atlantic. up towards new york we could see that mix and all over to snow in the overnight hours. then we start to see this storm crank up off the coast of massachusetts on saturday. overnight that could mean blizzard conditions, blizzard watch is in effect of massachusetts into rhode island as well as connecticut. wind gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour is possible. it is going to cripple travel across the northeast. a quick look at one of the computer models no totals we could get 11 inches in new york city and certainly a possibility of two feet up in new england. heather back to you. >> 11 inches in new york city.
2:39 am
thank you so muchian nis. appreciate it. >> well it's time now to step into the fox life with michael tamaro. american aid doll hits hollywood and hollywood week with big cuts already. >> that's right. the search for 40 begins 'n and it's all guys this week. they had grouped picked by producers those that made the cut live to sing tomorrow. here are the three faces you will see. ♪ >> other groups weren't so lucky.
2:40 am
♪ >> that 16-year-old was eliminated after stumbling in his performance. tonight the remaining men compete in the solo round. >> he's just 16. he will live to sing again. we will see him next year. >> you are having a little bit of red and there's a huge event with a lot of red going on. >> in new york. the annual red collection fashion show helped kick it off last night in new york. tars like mika kelly chris jenner and her daughters and toni braxton julianne michaels and gabby douglas strutted down the runway for red for heart disease. >> women and young girls need to stay active follow healthy eating plan and eat healthy. >> heart disease number one killer of women. 80 percent of the deaths are
2:41 am
preventable. raise awareness and get people talking get them proper information. they can get really strong choice that is will be life changing. >> february is also american heart month. so it is a big week in new york. i will have interviews with nicole miller tommy hilfiger and karolina her aura. >> lucky you. i love the palm. it is being featured as one of the starting businesses in this new series that is starting. >> job interviews can be me nerve-racking. image if you had to answer those front of millions of people. that's what happens on the reality show the job. the unemployed get to make their case to prospective bosses. they are competing for their dream job at the palm restaurant. the executive producer of production who happens to be my cousin sin. >> it's a life changing show.
2:42 am
in today's economy people need work. we were picked to represent the restaurant industry as the place to work if you want to be in our business, and these five candidates competed here at palm west by doing a series of different jobs on a very busy friday night then we went into the studio and they whad to continue to compete. they had to answer trivia questions because a lot of history at the palm. >> you can catch my entire interview with bruce at fox news for all of the latest buzz catch me on twitter. >> my favorite the tomatoes. >> they are good, they are big everything is big at the palm. >> coming up, can't seem to get enough peace and quiet? we have got the perfect thing for you, a sleep studio. we will tell you where you can get a little more r and r.
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>> let's span the globe to sigh what headlines are overseas. a huge aftershock is reported in wake of the deadly quake and tsunami yesterday. 6.2 magnitude aftershock struck as aid workers struggled to reach more potential victims from yesterday's quake that killed 9 people. now to turkey that's where a man is being questioned in connection with the murder of a new york mother of two who went missing there at the end of january. the suspect claims he was having an affair with the 33-year-old women. she was found beaten to death last week. heather? >> thank you so much, heather. having gone through a housing
2:47 am
crisis a credit crisis and an overall massive financial crisis the last thing our country needs is another crisis. we might already be into one. this time it's a highway crisis. let's go with diane macedo with more. >> we hear a lot about needing to rebuild insfruk tour. what's this all about? >> they love to prom nis new roads and bridges and we love to drive on them. no one talks about how much it costs to maintain these projects. the answer is a lot of money and we don't have enough. take north carolina for example that state will have a short fall over the next 40 years which it only made worse by directing 3 billion if federal money to building more highways five times what it spent on repairs. california transportation officials estimate over the next decade they will need 70 billion for highway bridges and n
2:48 am
maintenance about 52 billion more than what's available. texas they have built more highways anl bridges but next 20-years it will fall short of what it needs to keep that network in working condition. the congressional budget office estimates on the federal level the country needs 14 billion in additional funds each year to maintain highways and 50 billion more to improve them. we have gotten to the point where the government accountability office says only 5.2 percent of funds alotted to the federal highway administration are going to highway construction. 2.5 will be bridges. almost everything else is maintenance yet we still can't keep up. the recent federal transportation bill pushes states to developer form man's standards for federal highway standards and it's too soon to know whether it will have any impact. it expires at the end of the year. states have tough choices ahead. >> i thought that's what the gas tax was supposed to cover.
2:49 am
we will keep following this one. it is 47 minutes after the hour. next up the next trip to the grocery store could get a whole lot more expensive. it could be because of owe abam care. the regulation nation that is perchi pinching your wallet. >> one state is closer to printing its own money. that story is up next as well. >> brian kilmeade has what's coming up on fox and friends. >> how is it going. great show as usual. let me tell you what we are working on, testimony thursday. leon pineda is going to be talking and we will be analyzing with people like michelle malkin, gretchen carlson live. michael waltrip having fun on nascar talking about the up coming seasoning. what hollywood bigwig is speaking out against gun constraints and for the u.s. of guns in our country. we will go over it all when fox and friends gets started whenever the other two get
2:50 am
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leon panetta. >> here are quick headlines for you. virginia a step closer to it's own currency. they have passed a bill that would set up a committee to look into developing a gold and silver coin based currency. 4 other states considering similar bills this year. austria is helping travelers get their z's. a new studio let's tourists sleep for a price. the $15 half hour cat-nap takes place in a dim room separated folding screens while a one-hour nooz in a private chamber that goes for 60 bucks. >> you hope the guy next to you is not snoring. >> thanks, heather. this morning regulation nation
2:54 am
story a perfect example give them an inch they will take a mile. it began as nutritional information for restaurant customers. shannon bream tells us it isn't stopping there. >> most within the restaurant industry where on board with requirement stemming from the new healthcare law requiring them to provide nutritional and extend the mandate to many supermarkets in con treen yens stores to a new federal regulation. storm owners were alarmed. under this proposed legislation thousands of storms would be forced to label unpackaged foods like those found in salad bar hot foods soups and bakery item. the regulation would cost retarryls a billion dollars in just a year. >> the supermarket is a business that is well-known our net profit line average has been
2:55 am
forever is one percent. so when you incur a significant cost, there is no way that that doesn't get passed on to the customer in some form. >> there are stiff penalties. it's a federal crime. you can face jail crime and thousands of dollars of crime. >> the information could help them limit calorie intake and understand how the foods they purchase at this establishments fit with the daily cal lower rick and other needs. critics say the fda failed to complete the cost benefit analysis for the regulation in order to justify it's necessity. >> we can't quantify a benefit from this rule. that's because they really can't. >> the fda received comments on the proposed regulation. the agency says they will include the economic analysis.
2:56 am
shannon bream fox news. >> could cost all of us a lot. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. this driver can make a serious wrong move in the parking gar raj. how it ended up like this. >> it's the last chance to answer the question of the day. earlier today we talk to do a couple married for 80 years. we want to know what is the key to a successful marriage we will answer your e-mail and tweets coming up next. :
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>> 58 minutes after the hour as we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good this morning. cupid is making a come back this year. 23% of americans plan to spend more this year on valentine's day than last year. a survey found men will shell out close

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on 2/7/2013